Killed By Police 2017 (KBP) lists 93 people killed in the month of October. For September, the number was “only” 84. Let that sink in; that is more than three per day, and November is on the same pace. …There are other groups that keep similar tallies, but KBP has done the most consistent job since mid-2013. (The Guardian was doing excellent work on this topic; however, it stopped this past year.) It is shameful that in this day and age, a volunteer effort, year in and year out, does a better job than the federal government at keeping track of such statistics….

Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project Data Portal

About the project First enacted in 1999, Connecticut’s anti-racial profiling law The Alvin W. Penn Racial Profiling Prohibition Act (Public Act 99-198) prohibits any law enforcement agency from stopping, detaining, or searching any motorist when the stop is motivated solely by considerations of the race, color, ethnicity, age, gender or sexual orientation (Connecticut General Statutes Sections 54-1l and 54-1m). During the 2012 legislative and special sessions the Connecticut General Assembly made several changes to this law including a key provision which shifted responsibility for its implementation to the Office of Policy and Management in consultation with a newly established Racial…

Sinti und Roma stehen oft unter Generalverdacht

Antiziganismus bei der Polizei 20.10.2017 Sinti und Roma stehen oft unter Generalverdacht Racial Profiling, rassistische Zuschreibungen und “Warnungen” vor “Zigeunern”: Die Polizei greift in ihrer Arbeit häufig auf antiziganistische Bilder zurück. Das zeigt sich in internen Dokumenten, Pressemitteilungen und Polizeikontrollen. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt eine Expertise, die der Politikwissenschaftler Markus End im Auftrag des “Zentralrats Deutscher Sinti und Roma” erstellt hat.

Mäurer: Keine Quittungen bei Kontrollen

SPD und CDU lehnen den Vorschlag der Grünen zu Quittungen für Personenkontrollen ab. Innensenator Mäurer sagt, der Bericht der Polizei Bremerhaven sei “missverständlich” gewesen. Der Vorschlag der Bremer Grünen-Fraktion, Kontrollquittungen bei der Polizei zu testen, um sogenanntes Racial Profiling zu vermeiden, ist bei der SPD und der CDU auf Ablehnung gestoßen. “Es gibt keine überzeugenden Argumente für eine Kontrollquittung”, sagte Bremens Innensenator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) bei einer Sitzung der Innendeputation am Donnerstag. Die Grünen hatten am Mittwoch vorgeschlagen, die Bremer Polizei solle bei Personenkontrollen testweise Quittungen ausstellen, auf denen der Anlass und das Ergebnis der Überprüfung vermerkt sind. Björn Fecker,…

All the Police Have to Do Is Utter Those Five Magic Words

Janine Jackson: If there is a word for being stunned and stunned again, and yet unable to become numb, it would go some way towards describing how people — especially black people — felt as we heard the verdict in the case of the murder of Philando Castile. That a jury determined no crime was committed when Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez pumped seven bullets at Castile and into the back seat of the car where his girlfriend and her four-year-old child were sitting. That this was the system working. If these outcomes are to be more than a punch in…

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