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Der in einer Dessauer Polizeizelle verbrannte Asylbewerber Oury Jalloh wurde mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit getötet. Unser Host Sascha Quade setzt sich mit dem Thema Polizeigewalt auseinander. Er trifft einen jungen Polizisten, der ihm anonym von Rassismus und Korpsgeist in der Polizei berichtet. – – – Host: Sascha Quade ( Redaktion/Kamera: Daniel Sager, Julian Vogel, Bettina HesseDesign/Grafik: Nicolas de Leval Jezierski – – – Interviewpartner:Robert* (Polizist) Philipp Krüger (Amnesty International) Prof. Dr. Rafael Behr (Polizeiakademie Hamburg) Prof. Tobias Singelnstein (Rechtswissenschaftler und Kriminologe) *Name geändert

Paris is “Burning”. Peoples’ Rage Against Racist/Colonialist French Police

In the aftermath of the brutal torture and rape of the 22 years old Théo Luhaka beginning of February 2017 in Aulnay-sous-Bois, some 20 Kilometers north of Paris, resistance of Black, Muslim and Maghrebian-French minority communities are growing. Racial profiling is in no way so “innocent” as the police and Politicians want us to believe, in most cases they end in brutal police violence – KOP has been emphasizing this point since the beginning of our campaign against such policing. The following video document the power and determination of peoples’ resistance. We express our solidarity with the victim and his…


Veröffentlicht am 26.02.2015 This video made by PLATFORMA GUETO describes the cases of murder of young black men, who have been targeted for genocide carried out by the Portuguese police since a few years now. These cases have received inadequate attention from the society and the Portuguese authorities, showing no more than contempt for our lives. These young people were criminalized at birth by a society and a country that only remember them when they hold them in prisons, or physically eliminate them. It’s time to say ENOUGH to this genocide. We can not continue to live going by these…

Rob Hustle featuring Bump- Call the Cops

I’m sick of people getting victimized by criminal cops Psychopathic predators terrorizing neighborhood blocks Equipped with pepper spray, mace, cuffs tasers and Glocks They like serial killers acting out subliminal thoughts Forget what you’re taught These cops have got a license to kill Witness intimidation means that they can use it at will Code of silence means that the pigs’ll never let out a squeal And if they go to court they know the judge’ll make em a deal For real… That’s why they stoppin me, lockin me up and stompin me Confiscating my property, targeting my demography Making the…

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